A wise decision will secure your company against attacks.

Vulnerability Management
Continuous security for your business.

RTA – Red Team Assessment

Evaluate from the enemy's perspective.

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Our Services

We have developed a comprehensive framework that brings together best practices and advanced technologies to guide your company towards a robust security posture.

Maturity Assessment | CIS Framework

Uniquely designed methodology that provides current and concrete recommendations to help your company improve its security posture.

RTA | Intrusion Testing

Far beyond a pentest, we simulate a compromise situation, with no warning, to measure the effectiveness and scope of the response.

Imminent Risk Test - TRI

An “express Pentest” to identify imminent risks. Know what could potentially paralyze your business today.

Phishing and Security Awareness

Why run a phishing simulation?
The answer is simple. If you don’t, cybercriminals will.

Vulnerability Management

All the information you need to keep your company constantly safe and free from digital threats.

Cybersecurity Governance

Best practices in strategic management applied exclusively to security.

Threat Intelligence (OSINT)

Non-stop monitoring to prevent fraud and anticipate attacks.

Security Event Monitoring and Correlation (SIEM)

Proactive protection for your company.

What do we do for you and your company?

We have developed a comprehensive framework that brings together best practices and advanced technologies to guide your company to a robust security posture.

  • Proven track record of success cases in complex cybersecurity projects in critical environments.
  • Client information management and test execution environments hosted in our own fully secure, multi-instance infrastructure.
  • Specific and customized testing protocols, with immediate procedures for reporting and containing identified threats.
  • Special security assessment and testing projects designed specifically for your company, with attention to the specific risks inherent to your business.
  • Modular implementation of solutions and services tailored to meet the criticality of your operations or the complexity of your environments.
  • Business-oriented consulting, with strategic and operational guidance during application launches, infrastructure changes, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Technical teams with the most prestigious certifications in the market, endorsed by proprietary theoretical and practical tests to ensure the quality of expertise.
  • We provide agility, responsiveness and support available for crisis scenarios and security incidents, with support in detecting, mitigating and investigating attacks.
  • Multidisciplinary test execution, with cross-team collaboration that sum up expert knowledge and guarantee the best assessment of your company.

Out of ten customers where we performed pentests, including those who had done previous testing, we managed to find critical vulnerabilities in eight of them.

GC Red Team Director

Our vulnerability management processes, in one single client, hundreds of thousands of issues. Without our services, it would be impossible to keep one of the country's largest digital environments safe.

GC Risk Consultant


Begin your journey towards a safer digital world!

Established in 2008, GC Security works incessantly to manage digital risks, in companies of all sizes and across all sectors, ensuring full visibility into vulnerabilities and security gaps to protect assets, data, applications, people, and systems.


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